About Paul Dhuey

The shops founder and proprietor, Paul Dhuey, is a Green Bay native who has extensive experience tattooing across the United States and Europe.

For the last nine years Paul has spent the majority of his professional career throughout Southern California and San Diego, tattooing at one of California’s premier shops, GURU TATTOO as well as tattooing at ART OF DEDICATION in Ontario. He has won many awards at various tattoo conventions across the country and has been featured in numerous tattoo magazines worldwide!

With the opening of Katana Tattoo, Paul is bringing over 21 years of world wide experience to the Midwest! His dedication, expertise and specialty in creating large traditional Japanese style tattoos, sleeves, bodysuits and American style tattoos is unprecedented.

Call for an appointment: (920) 770 – 2377 or email Paul at pdhuey@yahoo.com

For Appts Call – (920) 770-2377

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